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2017 -  Windows (Steam)                                                 Buy ProtoMasons on Steam
ProtoMasons is a multi-player life simulator and sci-fi sandbox game. It allows you to build miniature virtual worlds with your friends as ProtoMasons, with the assistance of flying robots, industrial-themed mini-games, and a simulated marketplace.

ProtoMasons is perfect for custom role play, or as a casual multi-player social space. The game also comes with the 'Studio Gift Creator' with Steam Workshop integration, which lets you create, share, and download interactive furniture and decorations, to truly customize your miniature worlds.  

ProtoMasons was conceptualised in 2014 and approved for Steam release in 2015 after a successful Greenlight campaign. The campaign mainly received support from players of Garry's Mod, which is also a social sandbox game.

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City Sandbox
2013  -  iOS (iPad), Windows, macOS
City Sandbox was a 2D city builder, set in a cartoon world. It allowed you to design small towns and cities using over 120 buildings. You could then destroy your creation with earthquakes, flying melons, and more.

City Sandbox was a prize winner in the 2013 YoYo Games Win Big Competition. It was available for iPad, but a Windows version was also available on GamersGate and ShinyLoot. A special Windows 8.1 edition was available for a short time on the Windows app store.

City Sandbox was part of a Groupees game bundle in 2014. A total of 1919 copies of the bundle were sold, and a portion of the sales were donated to charity. 

The game was discontinued in 2015 due to Apple changing certain technical requirements imposed by the iTunes app store. However, a re-release has not been ruled out.
City Sandbox not available for purchase at this time.

2013  -  iOS (iPad), macOS, Windows
Tinct was a math puzzle game, requiring you to create equations using ever-changing numbers in a spinning dial. Tom Cutrofello, a contributing editor to Games Magazine and puzzle enthusiast, praised the graphical design and described Tinct as a good game for kids and seniors, in an article on his blog. He also listed it among the "best puzzle apps of 2013." 

Tinct was one of my favourite games to develop. It was a quick project with a focused concept, and was cleanly programmed. The game was designed for iPad, and was also offered for PC and Mac for a short time. It has since been discontinued.

Tinct was redesigned as the Biofuser mini-game in the 2017 release of ProtoMasons.
Tinct is no longer available for purchase. It is unavailable at this time.

WonkyTonk Piano
2012  -  iOS
Released in 2012 as a novelty music app, WonkyTonk piano was also available in the Russian version of the iTunes app store. It used custom-made samples from a distressed early-1900s upright piano. The app was eventually made available for free download, but has since been discontinued.

WonkyTonk is no longer available for purchase. It is unavailable at this time.