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My name is Josh and I'm a hobbyist indie game developer based in New Zealand. I have an interest in simulation and sandbox games. I enjoy themes of surrealism and absurdism, and like to work with 2D side-scroller environments. 

My projects are mainly a solo effort, including art and music assets (unless otherwise credited).

I learned basic programming concepts with GameMaker 6 in the mid 2000s. I spent much of my childhood learning how to create different types of digital media, particularly video and machinima. I was a first place award winner (in a category) at the first annual MADE Awards in 2008 (a regional film and media competition for schools).

In my teens I developed a handful of iOS games, and was a prize winner in the 2013 international "Win Big Competition" held by YoYo Games. I was also a freelance content writer for GameMaker Blog, helping grow the site with GameMaker HTML5 developer Matthew Bowden (then the owner).

In more recent times, I've been experimenting with multiplayer PC game concepts. Thanks to a successful Steam Greenlight campaign in 2015, I was able to release my first multiplayer game to Steam in 2017. During this period I've also been studying computer science and philosophy at undergraduate level (with emphasis on software engineering, and the philosophy of computing and artificial intelligence).